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Bottom Line Exchange Inc. has been a liquidator of corporate assets since 1984. Our customers include major fortune 100 corporations, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., Resolution Trust Corp., innumerable dotcoms and midsize companies. We provide appraisal and liquidation consultation services, private sales, and auction sales. Our highly technical experience allows us to quickly evaluate a large variety of high tech corporate assets and to quickly present a marketing plan which returns the highest dollar at liquidation. Please call us to inquire about our services.










Property from the historic



Furnishings, Armor, Antiques, Facility & Computer Equipment, Copiers, Computers, Digital Cameras, Retail Store Fixtures, Floor Waxing Equipment, Etc. Etc.

100 Barber Ave Worcester, MA (Map)

Renaissance Costumes, 15th Century Chests, Oak Throne Chairs, Welding Equipment, Anvil, Vices, Refrigerators, Lobby Furniture, Custom Stained Glass lights, Custom Wrought Iron Work, Adam's Style Desk with 18th Century Provenance, Welded and Riveted Retail Cases, Forklift, Walkie-Stacker, Posters, Gift Items, Memorabilia, Laptops, Custom Costume Display Cases ex: Princess Diana, Large Oak/Glass Cabinets ex: Harvard Peabody Museum, (80) Custom Sconce Lights & Chandeliers, Flags & Banners, Halbards, Jousting Spears, Fencing Gear, Practice Swords, Suits of Armor in the15th -17th Century Styles, Complete Library with Maple Shelving & Ladders, Clocks, Milwaukee Electric Tools, Drill Press, Band & Table Saws, Large Quantity of Facility Maintenance Consumables, Catering Supplies, Walkie-Talkies, Even a large Castle Dog House, a 7' Horse Plaque, and a PUPPET THEATER complete with Merlin. Literally something for everyone! Etc. Etc.


Click here for photos of Higgins Armory Items

Click here for copy of the AUCTION CATALOG AND THE DETAILS: HAM Ad


Additional Liquidation Projects ongoing:


(2) Major Boston Law Firms (Maple Suites): Call

695 Steelcase 9000 Cubicles: Call

Major Mahogany Bank liquidation: Call

Entirety of Boston Tower (everything goes): Call

ALSO: Major Biotech Company Assets - Call for Details!!













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